HiHium Lake Resort

Medium & Large Cabins (2-3 bedrooms)

In addition to the small cabins, the resort has two medium (2-bedroom) and three large (3-bedroom) cabins with a propane-powered fridge and stove, built-in washroom, and extra furnishing. These modern cabins are great for hosting larger families or groups of friends.

Tamarack, our largest cabin, is the only cabin not located against the lake. It is a few minutes walk up hill and located behind the caretaker’s lodge. If you and your group want more privacy or an even larger space, this is a cabin you may want to consider!

Medium & Large Cabins: (2 or 3 bedrooms, with bathroom/shower)

  • Medium Cabin – 2 bedrooms ( bring your own bedding)
  • Large Cabin – 3 bedrooms (bring your own bedding)
  • 4-6 person capacity
  • more furnishing
  • propane fridge
  • large propane stove (4 burners)
  • cooking utensils and equipment
  • running hot & cold water (non potable)
  • flush toilet and showers
  • propane water heater
  • central communal room
  • kerosene lamp (1)
  • fire place

Medium & Large Cabin Pictures 
Check out our new Interactive Resort Map page for pictures of individual cabins and the facilities!


Each large cabin will comfortably fit 4 people but has the capacity for 6 to 8 guests. Kerosene gas powered stovetops, fridge, and boiler for the showers make this deluxe camping! Dishes, cooking utensils, wood range, kerosene lamp, propane cooking, hot and cold water (non potable) and a built in toilet with shower makes the large cabin a convenient choice for families. A central washroom is also available if bathroom occupancy is full. If additional beds are required, the main couch in the central room can be pulled out into a double bed. 


We have you covered on certain amenities like plastic garbage bags, firewood/paper, hand soap, and toilet paper. We also offer limited Wi-Fi.

At HiHium Lake Fishing Resort, we kindly ask that our guests remember to tidy up the cabin after their stay out of respect for the next visitor. Mop and dusters can be found in each cabin and throughout the resort.

Good safe boats and outboard motors with complementary gas are also available.  Other services we provide are smoking fresh fish for a small fee and bringing you freshly cut ice to keep perishables in your coolers cold. The resident caretaker at camp will help ensure you an enjoyable stay while answering any question you may have.

As per our existing policy, you must clean the cabin before leaving to avoid cleaning fees. We are not a cleaning service. Please leave your lodging in equal if not better condition to which you have received it.

– Ladoski Family

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