HiHium Lake Fishing Resort

HiHium Lake Fishing Resort is located in the mountains of British Columbia near Cache Creek. The camp has been run by the Ladoski family for over 70 years, is located at 4500 feet elevation above sea level, and is accessible by a logging road. The fishing season runs from May through October with naturally occurring Kamloops rainbow trout reaching up to 9 lbs.  HiHium fishes great throughout the entire season because of its uniquely remote geographic location, high elevation, and cool underwater springs that relieve fish from hot summer temperatures.

Fourteen cabins lie nestled along the shores of a pristine mountain lake; a tranquil oasis, a place essentially unaffected by time. It’s HiHium Lake Fishing Resort, a place where “real life” is not allowed.

Named after local trees, the cabins range in size from small one-room cabins to three bedroom cottages. There is no electricity, no telephones, and no city light to obstruct the view of the night time sky. It’s not a luxury resort; there’s no place to shop, no restaurant, no tennis courts, or cable TV. At HiHium, luxury takes on a different meaning; the luxury of leaving your watch in the cabin, eating when you’re hungry, and sleeping when you’re tired… the luxury of fishing, hiking, reading, or napping whenever the mood strikes you. It’s the luxury of total gleeful laziness.