HiHium Lake Fishing Resort

Smoked Trout

So you’ve caught a great fish with the hottest fly pattern in your tackle box. What are you planning to do now? Well, our camp is famous for its smoked trout. Fabulously flavoured, just perfect, and “can I have more?” are some of the compliments we’ve received from our satiated customers. Smoked trout makes for a great gift for friends, dinner parties, or to throw into your pasta salad or boutique sandwiches. One person has even managed to feature them as a focal flavour in a bridal shower taster. If you can’t eat it right away, vacuum packed trout will store in the fridge for a few weeks and a freezer for months while maintaining culinary vigour.

The Process:

It all starts with the camp keeper getting up with the sunrise around 5:30 am to get the fire going at the lake’s smoke house. A locally gathered aromatic wood from British Columbia’s mountains infuses the fish with a distinct flavour that compliments the trout’s natural earthiness. The fish are opened, laid  out in rows, and marinated in the camp’s “secret recipe” dressing. Once the desired heat has been reached, the fish are carefully loaded onto the searing racks based on size and desired moisture content. The entire cooking process takes over 12 hours, but the end result is undeniably glorious. Try our freshly smoked Kamloops rainbow trout for yourself! You won’t regret it.