HiHium Lake Fishing Resort

Frequently Asked Questions

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What does the name HiHium Mean?

HiHium translates to the “Mother of all Fish.” We think that this is an appropriate name given the pristine fish that are naturally produced here.

What are the directions to the lake base camp?

What is the location? 


  1. Make your way to Cache Creek.
  2. Head North along highway BC-97 N  for 20.9 kilometres
  3. Turn right onto Loon Lake Rd
  4. Continue North along Loon Lake Rd for 17.3 kilometres
  5. Turn right onto 1740 Loon Lake Rd – Arrival at Base Camp Office

*For more specific directions, see bottom of our Rates page

Lake Transportation:

Over the past years, it has been an honour and tradition to make two daily trips from base camp to campsite along our scenic private road. However, following the 2017 forest fires that have left the private road unsafe due to soil erosion, we have made the difficult decision to end this practice for the foreseeable future. We now ask that customers make their way to basecamp to check-in and pick up a map before driving themselves to camp.

Is HiHium Lake Fishing Resort located in Cache Creek, Clinton, or other?

The address for the business office is written as Cache Creek. However, the technical geographical location is between Cache Creek and Clinton. On Google Maps, it belongs to the district of Thompson-Nicola E. If you are having difficulties finding us, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Is the lake stocked?

HiHium Lake is fortunate to hold its own naturally occurring strain of Kamloops rainbow trout with several spawning creeks surrounding the lake. To relieve angling pressure from our natural strain, the lake is stocked every few years. See http://www.gofishbc.com for more specific details.

What makes fishing at HiHium lake special?

Fishing at HiHium is one of the few places you’ll get to experience authentic remote and rustic Kamloops trout fishing. Besides being surrounded by a phenomenal mountain view, our remote location relieves the lake of angling pressure, allowing fish to grow larger. The high elevation and underwater springs that feed HiHium cool the lake in the sweltering summer months that would typically spoil fishing in most lakes. HiHium also boasts a very robust ecosystem, with plentiful hatches of chironomids, leeches, scuds, and giant travelling sedges to keep anglers on their toes.

How was the lake formed?

Hihium Lake was produced by volcanic geological activity that blew out what is the basin for this lake. In fact, there are a few deep holes ranging 60 to a few hundred feet that are the last remnants of volcanic vents. Geological activity produced springs that now feed this lake and are a critical component in maintaining the lake’s stable water levels, even in hot summer months.

How did these cabins get up here?

Hihium Lake Resort was founded by the Ladoski family over 70 years ago. All 14 cabins, cottages and signature boats are hand made by the owner’s family. Back then, there were no vehicles to transport building materials up a winding and bumpy 11 mile alpine road. Horse drawn carriages once brought up cargo over a day trip!

What should I wear? How cold does it get?

Hi Hium’s weather changes rapidly so high up in the mountains. Everyone coming should be prepared for both rain and sunny conditions. Early and late in the season (May and September) can get very chilly in the morning and evenings. Temperatures then can drop down to almost zero celcius, with frost developing. Dress appropriately for the cool weather!

In the summer months, know that the temperature could rise above 30 degrees Celsius. Bring lots of sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, and shorts. Some people wear long sleeves and pants even in hot weather to protect against the sun and its reflection against the water. Bring rain gear even in the summer because heavy showers may surprise anglers. It’s no fun fishing when wet! Summer evenings do get chilly (lows of 10-15 Celsius), and a jacket and sweater are definitely recommended early in the morning and night.

What should I bring to camp?

Since our camp is quite remotely located, you should bring everything that you need to last the duration of your trip. Bring appropriate quantities of food and drink, clothes and footwear for warm, wet, and cool conditions, as well as your own fishing gear. Also bring your own bedding (blanket, pillow cover, sleeping bag, bed cover, etc).

The resort is an electricity free zone. Our stovetops and fridges are propane gas powered, and every cabin has one central propane light. However, you will still need to bring flashlights to help you navigate in the evening. Many customers bring up their own small portable propane gas BBQ to grill food and fish.

Do the kitchens in cabins have utensils?

What about BBQ’s?  

Please see the Cabins page for more details.  Cooking utensils, pots, and pans are provided, and both the stove’s cooking elements and oven are gas powered.

Guests often bring small portable propane-barbecues up to the lake to grill foods like fish, steak, and vegetables. However, the camp also has 2 large communal BBQ’s that guests can use if they bring briquettes.

Is there electricity up at the lake?

Is there Wi-fi? 

This camp is electricity free! Don’t bother bringing up your phones because there is no reception. Our stoves, fridges, and boilers are either propane or fire powered.

Customers often bring some propane lanterns to better illuminate their cabins during the night. One central propane lantern is built into each cabin.

We now offer Wi-fi at certain times if required. Inquire for more details.

Are there restaurants at the lake? Where can I get food?

We do not have any restaurants up at the lake. Customers bring their own food (or catch it ;)!) and produce in coolers, which they can then store some of the food in. Our fridges offer limited space, and we offer daily lake-ice deliveries to keep your coolers cold.

What make HiHium’s boats special?

Our boats are individually hand crafted and painted. Oars included! They feature an extra wide and flat base for optimal standing and balance while casting. Each boat can comfortably hold 3 adults, and come with complimentary fish box, life jackets, and emergency kit.

Does HiHium Sell Fishing Licenses?

We do not sell fishing licenses at the resort! Customers must purchase their own licenses at http://www.fishing.gov.bc.ca

Failure to produce a license when confronted by the game warden will result in heavy fines.

Do I need a license to operate a boat motor? 

You should have a license if you wish to operate a boat motor. If you do not have a boating license, someone with one must be in the boat with you. You can purchase a boating license after completing the tests at https://www.boatsmartexam.com/ca

Do you provide fishing rods and gear at the camp?

We do not sell rods, reels, fishing line, leaders, or other fishing paraphernalia at the resort. Customers must bring their own fishing equipment.

However, we do sell many of the most popular flies at the caretaker’s lodge. Check our fly-patterns and lures page for more information.

How many fish can I keep? 

Each person is allowed to keep 5 fish per day, with only one being over 50cm in length. 50 cm is the equivalent of 19 inches and 5/8ths.

At the end of a trip, each person is allowed to keep two days catch, or in other words, 10 fish total.

Will loggers cut down the trees surrounding the lake?

Loggers are not allowed to cut down trees surrounding the lake. This maintains a scenic, enjoyable, and sustainable relationship we have with the mountain and ecosystem.

How long will your smoked fish last? 

Our camp made smoked fish lasts a few weeks inside the fridge if kept vacuum packed. If smoked fish are not to be consumed in this time, we suggest placing them in the freezer where they will be good for a year.

Can smoked fish be shipped across the border into the USA?

Smoked trout cannot be shipped across the boarder unfortunately.

Does HiHium Fishing Camp provide life jackets for kids?

We have a selection of life jackets in storage. Should you not bring one, we can try to find one that best fits you.

Is it safe to swim in the lake? 

It is safe to swim in the lake. When jumping into the lake, we ask that you be mindful of motored boats who may not see you. We also ask that you do not swim in the evening when it is dark.

Are there leeches in the water? 

All fishable lakes in BC have leech populations; their presence contributes to our lake’s robust ecosystem. In the event that you should find a leech attached to you, know that it is not life threatening. Simply burn it off with a lighter to make it release from you. Do not attempt to pull the leech off as this may cause damage to you.

What happens if we have a medical emergency? How does one get down from the mountain when it’s so remote? 

In cases where one needs to get down to base-camp quickly, the caretaker will call the owner and appropriate arrangements will be made.