HiHium Lake Fishing Resort


Hihium’s famous rustic lakeside cabins are a legacy of the Ladoski family, having been hand made by the owner and his family. Every cabin is unique in its construction, and fittingly, every cabin is named after a different tree species. These cabins come equipped with beds, propane powered fridges and stoves, and a cozy fire place. All cabins have access to freshly pumped spring water from British Columbia’s pristine glacial mountains. Whether it be for taking a nice break from fishing rainbow trout, enjoying a good read, or taking refuge from a storm, you can’t beat our lodging. Make inquiries sooner than later as the most popular cabins get booked fast!

*There is no electricity at the lake! This is REAL RUSTIC WILDERNESS fishing! Each cabin is fitted with 1 propane lamp in the central room. Bring additional lighting, warm clothes, and food as required * 

We have new cabin openings this 2021 season! Contact us to Book a Reservation! *Minimum 3 night stay*

Small Cabins: (9)

  • 2-4 person capacity
  • 2 double beds
  • cooking utensils + pots and pans
  • propane stove (2)
  • wood stove (2)
  • hot and cold running spring water
  • fire place
  • wood furnishing
  • 1 kerosene lamp
  • ice box for fridge
  • individual outhouse
  • (extra cot may be available on request)
  • (showers located at central camp washroom)

Medium & Large Cabins: (5)

  • 2 or 3 bedrooms
  • 4-6 person capacity
  • large propane stove top (4)
  • running hot and cold spring water
  • cooking utensils and equipment
  • propane fridge
  • propane boiler
  • 1 kerosene lamp
  • central communal room
  • more furnishing
  • flush toilet and showers
  • fireplace

* For more pictures of cabins, please see the interactice “Resort Map” under the Cabin tab. 


The camp consists of 14 rustic cabins along the lake shore. Each cabin will accommodate four persons comfortably, having two double beds. They are equipped with dishes and cooking utensils, wood range, kerosene lamp, ice box, propane cooking, hot and cold spring water and an outhouse. Flush toilets and hot showers are centrally located. If, for any reason, extra guests join to stay, we have a few extra beds in storage to provide. There is no electricity in the camp. 

There are five modern 2 and 3 bedroom kitchen cottages with propane fridge and stove, full plumbing and wood stove. Each of these units accommodates 4 to 8 persons. These modern cabins are great for hosting larger families and groups of friends.

Docks are just 30 feet away from each cabin, with the exception of Tamarak located farthest from the lakeshore. Each dock will accommodate 4 boats.

Women’s Central Washroom

Central Washroom:

There is a central washroom located conveniently near the centre of the camp. Both the men and women’s have a shower and toilet with running hot and warm water. These are an alternative option to the timbre outhouses each small cabin has behind it.

Checkout Time:

Checkout time is 10:00 am UNLESS PRIOR ARRANGEMENTS are made! We kindly remind all our customers to clean up the cabin before the next guests arrive. If you have made plans to drive yourself to and from the lake, make sure to stop by the office on your way out to receive your invoice.


We have you covered on certain amenities like plastic garbage bags, firewood/paper, hand soap, and toilet paper. We also offer limited Wi-Fi. Please inquire for availability and cost.

At HiHium Lake Fishing Resort, we kindly ask that our guests remember to tidy up the cabin after their stay out of respect for the next visitor. Mop and dusters can be found in each cabin and throughout the resort.

Good safe boats and outboard motors with complementary gas are also available. Other services we provide are smoking fresh fish for a small fee and bringing you freshly cut ice to keep perishables in your coolers cold. The resident caretaker at camp will help ensure you an enjoyable stay while answering any question you may have. 

Double Occupancy Rates
$20.00 per person/per night apply once any small cabin exceeds 2 people, or any cottage (medium or large cabin) exceeds 4 people.

A deposit of one night’s stay is required with reservations. The reservation must be paid in full.

There is a 30 day cancellation policy.

As per our existing policy, you must clean the cabin before leaving to avoid cleaning fees. We are not a cleaning service. Please leave your lodging in equal if not better condition to which you have received it.

– Ladoski Family

*For more information, please visit our Rates page*