HiHium Lake Fishing Resort

Boats and Motors


Our signature hand crafted wooden boats and oars are available for rent. Every boat and oar is meticulously constructed and painted white and red. The boats feature an extra wide with a flat base, ideal for safe casting. Every dock will accommodate four boats.

Every boat is cleaned and power washed before and after each user. Boats include:

  • Emergency Kit
  •  24″ inch wooden fish box
  • Burlap to protect fresh fish
  • Pair of oars – offered custom fit to arm length
  • 2 sturdy boat width wooden benches
  • vacant location for motor placement
  • seat cushions
  • life jackets

If you are thinking of bringing your own equipment to fish from, please consult us ahead of time to verify if we can accommodate your boat and motor comply with our lake standards. As well, customers often fish from float tubes or walk right into the shallows.

Boating License

To operate a powered motored boat, you must have a boating license. If you do not have a boating license, someone in the boat with you must have one. Acquire yours at the following BOATsmart link.


Bringing Your Own Boat?

Planning to bring your own boat? Call us ahead of time to verify if your boat can be accommodated. Please note that the BC Government mandates a boat restriction of 14 feet max with a 10 horse power limit for the lake! There are additional launching and moorage fees you can find in the rates section.

*Incoming Policy Change for Boats and Motors for 2022!*


Motors are available for rent separate from the boat. We offer motors with a horse power ranging through 5 and 8. In compliance with lakeside erosion regulations and respect for fellow anglers in maintaining a peaceful atmosphere, we do not suggest using very strong/loud motors. Clients are welcome to bring their own motors or request a certain one up at the resort. Please consult us ahead of time!


We supply gas free of charge for your motor. Ask the caretaker for a fuel replacement when you are running low or if you need assistance getting the motor started.

Spare Nets and Water Pump

In the event that you forget to bring your net or drop it into the water, we have a couple modest nets that will do the job. They may not be the Lamborghini of nets, but having something beats nothing!

Up at the lake, weather is very unpredictable given our location and high altitude. After a rainstorm, you will want to pump water out of your boat. We have a few attached to trees in front of cabins around the camp when needed.